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Fresh Start

Are you ready to make some changes?


It’s 2023! And look how far we’ve come after the turbulent few year. We survived and we are here to thrive 😊

I’m not going to bang on the beat of New Year New You!

Because, let’s be honest, changing of the year digits won’t magically transform you to a “new” you. right?

And when you are ready to experience change; change of mindset, change of habits, change of outlook, then that can start absolutely Any Day.

But riding on the momentum of setting resolutions and goals to be healthier, fitter and stronger... here’s an offer to help you get started with the Fresh Start Challenge.

Fresh Start

Are you ready to take control and enjoy more 

  • energy

  • productivity

  • calm

  • positivity

  • and smooth commitment to healthier routines ?

This will be your guide on how to start fresh whether you want to do it now or as a reference for future.

The challenge is designed with 3 levels so you can choose your actions for each focus area depending on where you are now. We are all different after all and I respect your individuality.

It is simple, practical, and straight to the point so you can experience the change that would continue to snowball into a transformation.

How does this work:

  • Sign up for the Fresh Start Challenge using the link below

  • You will receive a daily email for 7 days

  • Access to a WhatsApp group for support; answering your questions and getting the accountability you need

  • Live call to wrap up and set your roadmap to continue your consistent progress 

  • Step by step guide on how to implement each action step and recipes for the days focused on food.

  • This challenge will cover the various pillars of wellness including Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Emotional and Mental wellbeing.


I got so much from working with Garineh. Increased level of energy, better sleep, absence of lethargy and mood swings. No more bloating and headaches. But the most important change was the liberating feeling of being back in control, and having the confidence, by knowing how to choose healthier food options and minimize cravings, so that they no longer control my life.

Riikka Tuomi

Fresh Start Challenge details:

  • We start on January 14th with a daily morning email for 7 days

  • Live call on Friday, January 20th, at 7pm GST/UAE time. (Recording available)

  • Early bird rate AED 140 (about $38) ends January 10th

  • Rate increases to AED 245 (about $67) starting January 11th

Be generous and share this Challenge with your friends.

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