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Group Coaching

capitalize on group support and accountability to move you forward


Do you want solutions to:

Get rid of brain fog, fatigue and low energy?
Improve your digestive issues (bloating, belching, IBS, constipation, diarrhea)?
Understand and balance your hormonal symptoms; PMS, PCOS, Thyroid or Insulin ?

Improve your joint or muscles pain to boost your flexibility and stamina?

Feel great in your body with slimmer waistline?

Then join my 

Image by Jono Hirst

Boost Camp

Are you ready to take control over your body and start your journey towards

more energy, focus and confidence in your body

Boost your energy inside out

What to expect from joining the Energy Boost Camp:

  • More energy to:

    • pursue your dreams,

    • increase work productivity

    • and enjoy your personal and social life

  • Feel the liberating freedom of being in control of your body

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress impact on your body

  • Regulate your metabolism and streamline your waistline (no need for yo-yo dieting)

  • Feel confident in your body

  • Improve your digestion and related symptoms such as bloating

  • Make hormones work for you: thyroid, insulin, cortisol, estrogen, leptin and more

  • Improve your sleep

  • Improve your focus

  • Better mood and positive outlook

  • Understand your body's signals and become confident about food choices that are appropriate for your unique body.


I got so much from working with Garineh. Increased level of energy, better sleep, absence of lethargy and mood swings. No more bloating and headaches. But the most important change was the liberating feeling of being back in control, and having the confidence, by knowing how to choose healthier food options and minimize cravings, so that they no longer control my life.

Riikka Tuomi

What's included in the Energy Boost Camp:

  • 3 months easy to implement comprehensive program
    7 x group coaching zoom calls to empower you with the mindset and practical actions setting 

  • 12 x simplified informational modules to empower you with knowledge for confident choices

  • My guidance and support throughout the whole program and beyond

  • Your own profile on my platform for:

    • 12 months access to my vetted Resource Library so you don't need to rely on random google search

    • Unlimited group chat support between sessions

    • Recipes collection that are delicious healthy and simple

    • Food and lifestyle journals (no calorie counting)

    • Accountability support

    • Track your progress in habits, symptoms and stress


Garineh is very knowledgeable, approachable and generous with her time and information sharing.

I liked how the modules were released, For the more complex explanations, Garineh explained them fluently, in relatable terms, live on the Zoom so that we could have a practical understanding of the what and the why.  This was an excellent method of delivery.

I have lost over 3 kgs in weight without being on a weightloss programme.

Katherine Allen

Your investment in your energy and wellness:

  • Average of 1.5 hours per week for reviewing content and group calls

  • AED 3,200 paid in full for the 3 months program. We can discuss payment plans if needed.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Request refund if unsatisfied per terms in the agreement.

  • Starting January 2023 

Click on this link to express your interest. We'll schedule a free call to discuss and confirm if this program is appropriate for you.

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