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Partnering with You
to Overcome Chronic Conditions

Healthier & Happier
is Naturally Simple

You struggle with any of these challenges:
Autoimmune Condition, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Issues, Hormonal Imbalance, Weight Management
You are ready to take control of your body and health!


80% of chronic dis-eases are driven by diet and lifestyle factors.

You can prevent, improve symptoms and in some cases reverse these dynamics by changing your daily habits.

Now is the time to empower yourself with functional medicine health coaching

What is Functional Medicine?

  • Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying root causes of disease, rather than just treating symptoms.

  • Functional medicine aims to restore balance and optimize the body's natural healing mechanisms, leading to improved health outcomes.

  • Functional medicine recognizes that food and lifestyle choices can disrupt physiological processes in the body such as inflammation, gut health, hormonal balance, detoxification, and oxidative stress, and therefore contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

What is Health Coaching?

  • Health Coaching is a collaborative partnership and personalised process with the goal of engaging clients in making long-term sustainable food and lifestyle habit changes.

  • Health coaching empowers individuals to implement knowledge into practical actions, make sustainable changes, and achieve improved health outcomes.

  • Health coaching support individuals in navigating potential challenges, barriers and obstacles that may hold back individuals from taking action on their health goals.

  • Health coaching places strong emphasis on empowering and educating clients to advocate for themselves in their healthcare journey.


why settle for feeling "fine"

when you can feel "fantastic"!


How my clients did it...

Riikka Tuomi

I got so much from working with Garineh. Increased level of energy, better sleep, absence of lethargy and mood swings. No more bloating and headaches.But the most important change was the liberating feeling of being back in control, and having the confidence, by knowing how to choose healthier food options and minimize cravings, so that they no longer control my life.


Wijdan Fakhouri

Beautiful coach Garineh had a great impact on me & my family. She showed me easy and simple tips to gradually change my routine by using healthy & clean substitute ingredients in daily cooking & baking.

​The most significant overall change was my little princess helping me cut vegetables and eating them raw or cooked! She was afraid of trying vegetables before.

​You Rock Garineh!

Jihen Gatti

Very comprehensive session with a lot of valuable information and practical tips.

I loved the easiness of how some complex concepts are explained.

Impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise.

and I appreciate the handouts so that we can take the learnings at home.

Thank you Garineh for professionally delivered workshop.



Board certified Health & Wellness Coach
Functional Medicine & Integrative Nutrition
Mental Fitness (PQ) Coach

I empower ambitious busy professionals with chronic conditions, to break free from limitations that hold them back,

unlocking renewed vitality for

boundless energy, laser-sharp mental focus, and a confident self-image

I'm Garineh Serpekian

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