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Group Coaching

Focused on weight loss and simplifying your lifestyle to reduce stress,

while connecting with like-minded supportive women

About  Me

Board certified Health & Wellness Coach
Functional Medicine & Integrative Nutrition

My Interest in healthier living began over 9 years ago with the birth of my twin girls. I wanted to give them the best in life and what seemed to be healthy choices at the time, but facing different health issues pushed me to find out the truth of food and lifestyle's effect on our bodies, and seek healing with natural methods.


Garineh Serpekian

Beautiful coach Garineh had a great impact on me & my family. She showed me easy and simple tips to gradually change my routine by using healthy & clean substitute ingredients in daily cooking & baking.

The most significant overall change was my little princess helping me cut vegetables beside each meal and having them raw or baked! She was afraid of trying vegetables before.

You Rock Garineh!

- Wijdan, 38, mother of 3 children, School Teacher, Dubai

I have been working with Garineh for the past 2 months and I love what we are achieving together in such a short period of time! What mostly keeps me motivated and driven is her attention to my personal needs and pace while focusing on improving various aspects of my well-being through a well rounded program, including health, relationship, spiritual and self-development elements.

Two months down the road, and I am already feeling the difference in my health, level of energy and positivity.

A sincere thank you Garineh.

- Majd, 46, father of 2 children, Business Development Manager, Dubai

Meeting Garineh has truly changed the way I manage my life in a positive way. She encouraged me to plan my week ahead, from food planning to self care appointments. I simply had no excuse to not eat healthy or let myself go.

She has such a warm and lifting aura around her, that she makes everything seem easy and she is with you every step of the way.

Thanks to Garineh, I am much more organized and relaxed version of myself.

- Alia, 32, mother of 2 children, Ophthalmologist, Dubai


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